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Impact of Excellence and Relevance in Contextual Theological Formation on the Church and Society

A pastoral Approach


  • Joseph Prasad Pinto



theological education, India, contextual theology, society, impact, excellence, relevance, Vatican II


The theme of my brief deliberation is ‘How excellence and relevance in contextual theological formation impact the Church and the wider society. Before me, some have already discussed the nature of contextual theology and how it is relevant in furthering the realization of the Kingdom of God Jesus had envisioned. Every theological reflection takes place in a particular context in history. It is done to seek answers to life questions in the living realities of people and make faith meaningful and life-giving. The Gospel challenges every life situation and seeks to transform, all people, societies, and cultures into a new creation, which we call the Kingdom of God. Contextual theology, if sincerely done, cannot but empower the students/formees for the transformation of self and society.

Author Biography

Joseph Prasad Pinto

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