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Theological Formation Today

Methods, Resources and Tools


  • Pushpa Joseph



theological education, India, education model, Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza, contextual theology, fieldwork


The gift of theology to the church is our ability to be moved forward by our imagination under the power of the Spirit, to envision and re-vision, moving forward, being measured by God for divine purposes, and under the power of the Spirit to make a prophetic judgment on the world “moving forward in imagination, in mode of behavior, and in mode of reasoning…”.
Theological formation in India is in a state of flux. The changes in Indian society as a result of technological advancements, new sets of values, new understandings of spirituality, and life itself are some reasons for the same. In such a society how is theological teaching envisioned? This paper will dwell on the methods of teaching and learning employed and the resources and tools we have for the same.

Author Biography

Pushpa Joseph

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